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Send Fax Online Free Gmail. You can manually configure a server or a fax machine to send out faxes from gmail, google drive, or google voice. Once you've signed up for an online service that supports faxing by email, the next step is to compose and send your fax.

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But using the technological revolution that is the internet, we can send a fax easily from the comfort of our home. From there, you can select the date and time you want your fax to send. To send a fax online from google drive, enable g suite add ons and use it along with for free services.

Plus, you get €15.00 worth of free faxing when you.

You'll get email notifications every time you receive a fax. Efax ® allows you to send and receive faxes by email, online or app, using your computer, tablet or mobile. Real time progress updates with notification of delivery by email. If not, your transmission attempt will likely be rejected.