Ketogenic Diet Muscle Gain

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Ketogenic Diet Muscle Gain. The control group on the other hand gained just under one pound. Your Complete Meal Plan and Supplement Guide an effective ketogenic diet should include 15-20 percent of total calories from protein.

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The ketogenic diet is great for building muscle as well because the protein intake is relatively high and youre unlikely to lose muscle mass. From what Ive seen they tend to really cause weight gain. Now when I want to lose weight I primarily do it through fasting and portion control but I still eat a ketogenic diet.

This is quite low compared to the 30-40 percent of calories from protein touted by most online nutrition calculators in the bodybuilding community when you set your goal as muscle growth.

The 1 food you should remove from your diet is nuts. The keto diet and bodybuilding are definitely compatible and gaining muscle on keto means an end to the usual bulk and cut cycle that most bodybuilders follow. As explained in the article Ketogenic Diet. With the ketogenic diet you aim to eat 20 to 70g of carbohydrates per day.