How To Wean Baby Off Bottle

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How To Wean Baby Off Bottle. For gradual bottle weaning its usually best to cut out a bottle in the middle of the day followed by the morning and then nighttime bottles Miller says. Introduce the sippy cup early.

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When its D-Day make a big deal of saying goodbye to the bottle together and congratulate him for being so grown-up. Involve him in ditching all the bottles in the recycling bin. How To Wean Baby Off Bottle At Night 1.

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How to Start Weaning Your Baby Off Bottles and Sippy Cups November 16 2020 Pediatrics. A 9-month-old baby is ready to wean off the bedtime bottle. Starting from 200 ml of milk and then reducing it to 150 and 100 to no milk. Begin using the cup at one meal per day once the child is familiar with the cup.