How To Tune A Ukulele

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How To Tune A Ukulele. To tune a ukulele with a low G string place your finger on the fifth fret on the G string fourth string. Image courtesy The Uke.

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Heres a good illustration of how to tune a ukulele with a piano from The Uke website. Adjust the fourth string with the tuning pegs on the headstock until the two strings sound the same. Keeping Your Ukulele In Tune.

Up two more white keys to G and up to the next white key for A.

This video will show you how to tune your ukulele. Chromatic tuners work best rather than a guitar tuner. Looking for a cheap ukulele tuner that is easy to use. The lower left of the 4 pegs tunes the G string the peg above tunes the C string the upper right peg tunes the E string and the peg below tunes the A string.