How To Treat Cracked Heels

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How To Treat Cracked Heels. Soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes and gently scrub it with the paste to remove dead skin cells from your feet. Here is an unusual way to heal your cracked heels.

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It also helps heal toenail fungus. You have to stick with this remedy in the long-term for it to have its desired effect. In mild cases of cracked heels moisturizing two or three times per day may fix the problem.

Severe cases of cracked heels may require a prescription-strength balm or steroid cream to help reduce inflammation and relieve itching.

To help keep skin supple and your feet fully protected moisturisers and cleansers are clinically proven to support the natural recovery process of dry skin. Rubbing any calluses gently with a pumice stone and applying a moisturizer can also help. Mouthwash and Vinegar will make heels soft Mix and mix 1 cup mouthwash one cup white vinegar and two cups of water. Ever wondered what you could do to stop them from coming back.