How To Smoke Hookah

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How To Smoke Hookah. MOJO Hookah Lounge6353 Yucca St. Inspect the Hose Connections.

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To set up a hookah start by pouring cold water into the vase and inserting the shaft into it. The hookah tobacco is the most important factor in determining the amount of smoke. However as hookah smoking gains popularity and the number of hookah lounges available increases daily we do need to talk about hookah etiquette.

Modern styles of hookah tobacco that utilize glycerin in their blends produce large amounts of smoke more easily that classic styles of tobacco.

Smoke bubbles through the water and makes its way to the pipe where the user can inhale. The smoke leaves the stem at the end of the shaft and enters the glass base of the hookah. Hold the smoke deep inside your chest to get the full effect of the aroma and flavor of the tobacco. Los Angeles CA 90028links to contact usWebsite.