How To Apply For A Trademark

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How To Apply For A Trademark. You can do this online using the Trademark Electronic Application System TEAS an online trademark filing service or you can submit a paper application. If there is no conflict between the trademark you want to register and trademarks already in use complete the appropriate application and pay the required filing fee.

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When you decide to apply for trademark registration youll need to do so by adhering to the legal process set forth by the United States Patent Trademark Office USPTO. Apply to register your trade mark. Federal trademark registration can be used to apply for trademark protection in other countries.

The TEAS system guides the person requesting the mark.

This is the public record application system where you will fill out the forms to apply to register your trademark. Many businesses can file an application online in less than 90 minutes without a lawyers help. Each state has its own registration process but all state applications are shorter than the USPTO application. With this online service you can file a new or amended trademark or certification mark application.