Cyber Security Vs Information Technology

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Cyber Security Vs Information Technology. They both have to do with security and protecting computer systems from information breaches and threats but theyre also very different. Information technology vs cybersecurity whats the difference.

Malwareinformation Cyber Security Threats Cyber Security Cybersecurity Infographic
Malwareinformation Cyber Security Threats Cyber Security Cybersecurity Infographic from

On the other hand information security means protecting information against unauthorized access that could result in undesired data modification or removal. It assumes that evil people are ready willing and capable of breaking into your stuff and extracting it for some nefarious. Cybersecurity refers to the practice of protecting data its related technologies and storage sources from threats.

Information Security is responsible for system processes and risks posed by end-users.

Cybersecurity is associated with protecting and securing anything in cyberspace while information security pertains to assurance through procedures and protocols for protection of information digital or not. Whereas cyber security focuses on digital information but also it deals with other things as well. First make sure you understand what a career in cyber security really means. You probably think that it means youre a cool hacker infiltrating Russian Mafia websites and shutting them down making the world safe for average people.