Cockatiel Diet

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Cockatiel Diet. Cockatiels on an all seed diet are receiving inadequate nutrition. Be sure to remove empty seed hulls from the food dish.

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Other favorites include nuts seeds fruits and berries. Which seeds are consumed depends completely on where the cockatiel lives and whats available. Make sure to wash your produce thoroughly since the pesticides on fruits and vegetables can be toxic to cockatiels.

In the case of African greys the proportions change a little to the generic parrot food chart we provided in the previous section.

A Cockatiel in the wild feeds on nourishing green plants leaves buds springs shoots blossoms and stems. The birds food bowl should be three-quarters full of feed birdseed and refresh it daily. What should I feed my cockatiel. Cockatiels are vulnerable to obesity iodine deficiencies and other diet related problems including feather picking and egg binding.