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Best Diet For Pitbulls. Adult pitbulls only not for puppies Nulo Freestyle Turkey and Sweet Potato derives most of its animal protein from deboned turkey and both turkey and salmon meals. It also offers kale chia seed pumpkin blueberries oranges dried kelp coconut spinach carrots papaya and more.

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Whether you serve your dog dry wet raw or a combination of these types of dog food make sure the diet is comprised of the proper ingredients as described above and offered in amounts that do not lead to overeating. For this reason we have not only named this one of the best dry dog foods for pitbulls but also the best dog food for bully breeds in general. It needs to be highly digestible focusing on whole-food ingredients and free from low-quality grains fillers by-products and artificial additives.

Soon thereafter you can feed your puppy 3 meals per day.

This high-protein 36 dog food is made with cage free duck as the first ingredient and includes healthy grains such as millet quinoa and grain sorghum. So Natural Balance food is the best dry dog food which is grain-free but an excellent source of plant protein. The most distinctive feature about this product is that it is made with wild boar meat. Meat especially is a dogs natural favorite.